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We are what we Measure

and Performance is the Best

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Marketing Opportunities

AVCO-TS, Inc. has been in the offshore side of the oil industry since 1980
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Business Development

If your company is in need or wishes to explore and obtain the benefits of working in the Brazil Oil Industry, Mexico’s rapid business development environment or any where a shipyard may be willing to build your new unit or upgrade your existing unit, we are there for you

Project Management

Project Management on New Build Units for Brazil, Mexico, the land development programs Colombia and its rapidly expanding oil industry, AVCO-TS, Inc. will be there.

Investment Oportunities

If investing is your preferred mode of operation, we can discuss ways to maximize returns, we simplify the learning curve and deliver timely results









“Very intense and rewarding business approach that AVCO-TS, Inc. has; produces excellent results”

Amanda K. Davidson, AVCO-TS, Inc. VP/Administrator

“If in search of outstanding results, AVCO-TS, Inc. delivers.”

Alex G. Vielma, Service Rep.