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About Us

About Us

  • I started my career as a design engineer at the Shaffer Co., the BOP company, while at the company participated in the 600K DSC original design, MUX first retrofit done for P-X, Marine riser engineering and manufacturing for the P-XXIII
  • Left the Shaffer company after 21 years of an across the board scope of responsibilities and assignments.
  • Venezuela as GM of the Pride Foramer Co., a leading drilling company with operations on land and lake. Successfully drilled the most intricate well in the lake to date, LVG 3895.
  • I enjoy getting involved with the clients as I have since 1979, addressing their operational (my Engineering background at work) issues and marketing the new technologies our clients can benefit from (my MBA training at work)

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Al Vielma

President and Owner


Skilled and knowledgeable negotiator . An Engineer and sales/marketing professional with thirty five years of experience and a proven record. Financial Expertise and Successful Execution of the Company Plans in the Region evidenced by the performance of the division in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela with Shaffer, Noble and Pride Technical/Leadership expertise in the Engineering and Project Management areas. Operations expertise in the land and offshore areas as demonstrated by leading the Shaffer Co., Varco, Noble Drilling, Pride International & AVCO-TS.